What are house buyers are looking for? Selling your home is more than establishing asking prices and staging the property. When it comes to buying a home, in particular, your home, a potential purchaser is looking for five factors important to them and no amount of scatter cushions and fresh flowers will hide the fact that these aren’t provided. If you’re thinking of selling your home and you want to ensure that your home is home ticking all the boxes for would-be buyers, then following this guide is sure to help!

While there’s not a lot you can do about some of these home buying asks below, others are more easily done. These five factors in making your home what buyers are looking for could be the difference between someone making an offer or continuing their search…

Energy Efficiency:

If your house is cold and draughty, it is definitely worth doing something about it! Plug up any draughty areas such as door seals, skirting boards and around windows. Would-be buyers will be thinking about their energy bills, and if they enter a cold house, this could be a cross on their checklist instead of a tick! Energy conscious buyers will be expecting to see double-glazing, as this is now seen as an essential and they are definitely going to ask about the efficiency levels of your boiler and central heating system as well as inquiring if cavity wall or loft insulation has recently been applied. It’s unlikely a buyer looking for a family home will shortlist your property as a possible if they will then have to shell out for new windows or a better heating system, so you may need to stump up some cash  before you put your house on the market!


Have you asked yourself “Is my home secure?” Security is at the top of the checklist for buyers. It goes without saying that we all want to feel safe when we close the front door at night. Secure windows and doors are essential, but other considerations may be a sturdy garden fence, no overgrown shrubs or bushes around windows, off-road parking and inbuilt security lighting. Giving your potential buyers a feeling of comfort and security will help you secure a sale.


The increasing importance of technology within the home is becoming a big factor in house buying. Buyers want a reliable broadband signal and with the decrease in the use of landlines, also a strong mobile phone signal. These are things you don’t have much control over, but it is possible for you to ensure the Wi-Fi works as well as possible in your home.


“What are the neighbours like?” is a common question from buyers. They will also have done their own research on local schools, nurseries and so on, but you could have a few pointers ready for anyone that asks about the traffic levels, public transport links, local shops and amenities.


With adult children staying at home longer, people trying to work from home where possible and our love as a nation for entertaining; home buyers want a feeling of space. More than one public room, a separate dining room and even garage space that could be converted to an office, a home gym or a games room are all on the wish list of a high number or property purchasers.

If you’re selling your home, consider ‘What are house buyers are looking for?’ then make sure you take account of these five factors to ensure that potential buyers can tick the boxes and leave your home thinking that it will soon be theirs! Not only do you need to seriously consider all of these, but you al so need to clean and tidy, declutter, tidy the garden, paint if necessary (inside and out).

There is a lot of work to get a house ready for selling!  If all of this seems like too much hassle, or you don’t have the funds or the time to get the necessary work done then you should definitely consider the option of a home buying service such as that offered by Good Buy Homes. You don’t have to do ANYTHING to get your house ready to sell, not even a quick tidy up!  You can get an online valuation for your property and if you decide to go ahead with the price offered you can have the money in your bank in just 7 days!  So, so easy!  Go on, see what your home is worth!… https://goodbuyhomes.co.uk/get-valuation/

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